"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Monday, January 5, 2015

We're so Blessed!


This week has been pretty eventful.

We finished making schedules! We're so happy about that. But, we'll have to start new ones next week for the new transfer. So we just won't think about that! haha

We have loved being able to go up on the square this week. We've had some great experiences talking to members and non-members, visitors from around the world.

Unfortunately, we had to drop Paul. We kept receiving Anti-mormon material in the form of "questions" from him, and after attempts to answer his questions and to try to get him to start over with the church, learn from the beginning and stay off the internet, he wasn't willing. His heart is pretty hard so sadly we haven't talked to him since. We really pray for him still, and have faith and hope that he will embrace the Gospel in the future. It's just so sad because he has been so prepared! Heavenly Father has been communicating with him but he isn't willing to listen to Him, he would rather listen to man.

Lauren has been in the hospital with her husband after a bad strain of the flu. We're looking forward to talking with her this week though! We hope her baby is doing okay.

On Saturday, we talked with a Chinese family from New York who came to ski. As soon as I saw them, they were just special to me. They said they had had a tour at the Conference Center and they were told they could get a Book of Mormon so they wanted to come get one. I grabbed them a copy in Mandarin and English and they expressed how excited they are to read it. I didn't want them to leave without them knowing how we feel about the Book of Mormon, so we testified of the truthfulness of it, and how we know it can help them as a family because it helps my family. We talked to them about eternal families and how God loves them and wants them to be together forever. The spirit was so strong. They asked questions and expressed how they have never had a religion before and for that reason, they were looking forward to learn more. They didn't want to give their number but they wanted ours so we wrote it down for them and they left. That part of this mission is hard! But that's a part of any mission. Planting seeds is definitely not as great as harvesting seeds, but in order to harvest a seed, someone had to plant it. So the missionaries that get to harvest that seed of that family in New York are so lucky!

Today I was talking to a couple in the North Visitor's Center. They were visiting from out-of-state and were wondering how they enter the temple. I asked if they were members of the church and they said no. We explained how special the Temple is and why, and how even members of the church have to prepare to enter. The spirit was strong. But their response was unexpectedly rude. They were upset that they could go to big churches in other countries but they can't go to the temple here. They walked away angry. At first I was really sad. Sad that they wouldn't listen to the spirit, and sad that they didn't respect the temple. I still feel sad for them, but after thinking about it more, I feel gratitude. I am so grateful for the Temple, and that we don't let just anyone in. I am so glad we take the preparation to ensure we are worthy to enter the House of the Lord. All of us that have been in the Temple know the joy that comes from being able to make covenants with our Heavenly Father. And we all know what we would feel like if we were inside and not worthy. At least I do, I feel that I would feel awful and would want to leave. That's how it is going to be after we pass from this life. The three kingdoms of glory are designed for us. If we make bad choices, we won't feel good in the Celestial Kingdom. We'd be saying, get me out of here. I think that's why we don't just have 'Heaven or Hell.' Heavenly Father loves us too much. In reality, we are the ones that decide where we end up. Yes, there is a final judgement, but I think we will know pretty well where we are going because of the choices we make according to the knowledge we've received. Just like Heavenly Father wants all of His children back in His presence in the Celestial Kingdom, He also wants all of us in His house, the Temple. And He's given us clear guidelines of what we need to do to enter. They're not that hard. All it comes down to is loving the Lord Jesus Christ. Because like one of the most known scriptures says, if we love Him, we'll keep His commandments. And if we're keeping His commandments (all of them, especially the ones that have been restored), we are not only able to enter the Temple, but we'll be more prepared to enter back into His presence. The Temple really is the best place on earth. I am grateful for the experience that I had this morning because it produced this long train of thought. Haha

I'm so grateful for this Restored Gospel! I feel so happy that Heavenly Father can speak with us, and we can clearly know His plan for us, even if the situations aren't as clear. I LOVE being a missionary!! Choose to be a missionary this week, it's the best feeling in the world.

Have a great week!!

P.s. I forgot to send the picture of us on Christmas. Also, there's a picture of our "family tree" of Temple Square coordinators that hangs in our office. It's just meant to be silly haha.

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