"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Couple Stories

So I am going to start off with the funny story of the week...it is one of the funniest/weirdest things that have happened to me yet so far!

So we were covering for some sisters on desk at the Eternal Families desk, which is in the South Visitor's Center, right off of the South Gate of Temple Square. So, we are going about our business, and all of a sudden, this man comes right in the gate, in the doors, and intensely up to me. He's got this weird writing on his hands, and he walks up and says I just really feel like I need to be here today (And looking back now, I had trouble finding words to say because the spirit was not present, and so I was just finding words to say on my own). So I say ok...well what is going on in your life? I was thinking he would start unloading his troubles about how he hasn't been to church and how his life has gone wrong but I was wrong! He gets really close to my face and whispers, this is going to sound blasphemous but.....I am the Savior. I know I am! I just want everyone to be able to know, and I just try to do good! And he starts crying, and then stops suddenly. At this point, I am trying so hard not to start busting up laughing, and trying to hide my smile. I say, ok so what do you expect out of being here today? And he says, just love, and guidance. So I say, yeah definitely, I know that God loves you and that you will be able to feel the spirit here on Temple Square. So why don't you go take a seat over in front of the TV and I'll get someone that can come talk to ya! And He smiles and says great, thank you! So he goes and sits down. I call security, and while they are on their way, I look at him, and he is nodding and shaking his head, and talking to himself, and crying. Well security gets there, and observe him, and he told me that he isn't violent but that he's either having a mental break or on drugs (obviously haha). But they said if he starts getting violent, to pull the panic pull, which is like a red button at a bank. So we had to leave, but the sisters that came to relieve us told us later that he had started crying uncontrollably, and causing a scene in front of the guests and freaking them out, so they called security again, and security had to come and a doctor came and tranquilized him and took him into police custody. So crazy!

So I think my favorite story of the week happened last Friday. We were stationed in the Assembly Hall, and there was going to be a little concert so we were contacting people before it started. We talked to some people and then we saw this man we both wanted to talk to. Well we start talking to him, Tim, and he is this grumpy middle-aged man who came from Washington for Christmas by himself to "get away." well He wasn't very pleasant to be around, and I wanted to just go talk to someone else, but I remembered my personal goal for the week that I had set, to love everyone. So I decided to love him. I tried to share that we care for him, and help him feel God's love. Well come to find out, his wife doesn't want to be married to him anymore, he never had any kids of his own, only step kids, and he is in level 4 kidney failure, and has been on dialysis for the past 3 years. Then we found out that after getting in trouble with the law with alcohol, he quit drinking 18 years ago, and quit smoking 16 years ago. That opened up something that we could testify about (just like a quote from Elder Holland I will share!), and he started to soften up. Then I remembered something that one of my MTC teachers had shared with me. It was a question. So I decided to ask him, I said Tim, who do you want to become? He got really quiet and thought for a while and said, I don't know, I have never thought about that...and he softly said, I guess kind and happy. Then we were able to testify about Jesus Christ, and how all things are possible through Him, and we can become what we want through Him. Then he really softened up, and we explained about the Book of Mormon, how it is another testament of Jesus Christ, and how we can learn more about Him. The performance was starting so we said, can we give you one of these? And he said sure. So we ran and grabbed one, wrote a little note in the front in chicken scratch, and gave it to him, and asked if we could keep in contact to follow up with the BOM and see how he is doing and he said yeah sure! then, we came back and picked up the referral card and not only did he check the box, 'I want to learn more,' he also checked the box 'please send local missionaries to my house'!!! That could have only been the work of the Lord. I am so excited to talk with him, and see how the Book of Mormon can change his life! Huge miracles this week.

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