"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

2014, are you ready for it? I can't believe it!

Well it has been a really good week!

It was good to talk to everyone last week, and then I also got to take Adam, Kami and Eli, Nathan, Jenny, and Kami's parents and brother on a tour! It was so fun.

So this has been a week of miracles! We've really been prayerfully planning, asking to know what goals we should set, and then relying on the Lord to help us meet those numbers, and He has been answering our prayers. At the end of the week, we were really short in one area of numbers, since it was Christmas and Christmas Eve, but in one day, we got the remainder of our goal! It was a miracle.

One miracle, we were on desk in the South VC and our goal for that assignment was to give out a Book of Mormon. Well, this host from the JSMB [Joseph Smith Memorial Building] walks in and brings this man up to me and says, this mas would like a Book of Mormon. He just saw the Restoration video, and wanted to know how he could get a Book of Mormon. Well, He ended up referring himself so we can teach him, and wants to meet with local missionaries, AND took another book to give to his brother! Heavenly Father just let that fall into out hands...we were speechless!

We've been having a lot of miracles on chat but have had to wade through a lot of trolls....I am not sure if you are familiar with what a troll is (i wasn't before I came here) , but it's when someone is directed to go to a particular site and has to say a certain phrase. So usually they start out by asking a good question that makes them sound like they are interested, and then at a point, they'll say that random phrase and then they wait for our response and copy and paste it on a troller website where they get points for it, and everyone can go and look at it and laugh. Well, last weekend, multiple websites blasted us on their website and we had thousands of troll chats, they are such a waste of our time! Some of them end up being miracles, where they are really interested but 99% are wastes. So we had to wade through those, but we have had a ton of blessings from doing so, and have found many new investigators that we are very hopeful for.

Here is that quote from Elder Holland:

“More important than speaking is listening. These people are not lifeless objects disguised as a baptismal statistic. They are children of God, our brothers and sisters, and they need what we have. Be genuine. Reach out sincerely. Ask these friends what matters most to them. What do they cherish, and what do they hold dear? And then listen. If the setting is right, you might ask what their fears are, what they yearn for, or what they feel is missing in their lives. I promise you that something in what they say will always highlight a truth of the gospel about which you can bear testimony and about which you can then offer more. … If we listen with love, we won’t need to wonder what to say. It will be given to us—by the Spirit and by our friends”

Well the list goes on and on, but this email is already so long, I apologize. I hope you all have a great week, and remember that nothing is impossible through Christ! I love this work.

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