"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Thursday, March 13, 2014

"If ye love me, keep my commandments."

Happy P-day :)

So this morning in Relief Society, Carol M. Stevens from the RS General Board came and spoke to us! She is so great. She spoke about being a disciple of Jesus Christ and how we can be spiritually prepared. She told a cute story of when she had her 3 year old granddaughter for the day. When she picked her up, they got in the car and she put her in her car seat and buckled her in. Well, she starts driving down the road, and pretty soon the girl had unbuckled herself and was standing behind her talking to her. So she had to pull over and buckle her in again. So she starts driving, and it happens again. So this time, she pulls over, gets out,and puts her in again. Now she starts to promise her things. If she stays buckled, when they get to Gramma's house, they will play with the new play dough Gramma bought her, or make bread like she loves, or even stop on the way for a treat. Well, each time she unbuckled herself (I would have gone crazy at this point haha). So she gets out, and this time the spirit whispers to her, 'teach her.' So she shows her her own seatbelt, how she wears it, how it keeps her safe if a car were to hit her. She explained about the little girl's carseat and how if she unbuckles herself from it, she is not going to be safe, and she wants her to be safe. So the little 3 year old says, Gramma, I get it. You want me to stay buckled because you love me. Well, at this point Sister Stevens starts crying because f the way children can teach us. Again the Spirit whispered to her, this time a scripture. John 14:15 "If ye love me, keep my commandments." So she told her that she was right, and that she loved her and wanted her to be safe, and that's why she needed to be in her carseat. She then buckled her, and told her they could still do all those fun things when they got to Gramma's house. Well this time, she stayed buckled the whole time. I loved that story. Heavenly Father's commandments keep us safe on the way back home to Him. We just need to buckle ourselves in!

So some slightly sad news...Tim wasn't able to be baptized last Saturday :( So we called him that morning, and we said, how do you feel, today is the day! And he said he was feeling disappointed. We asked why, and he said the Elders had called him and told him the baptism wasn't going to happen. They were given the solution of proxy by the Brethren, but not the step-by-step of how to do it, so without that, they could not do it, because it needs to be done properly. So he won't be baptized this Saturday either, because he has treatment all day, so it will most likely be next week, the 22nd. He doesn't want to do it another day of the week, he wants Saturday. But something cool, we found out that his grandson comes to church with him every week! And he has invited everyone to his baptism. I thought that was so cool! He is already a missionary. We had a great lesson with him last week too, it is one of my favorites that we have ever taught. We taught from Mosiah 18 (Waters of Mormon) and applied it to him. How all these desires he has to be baptized, and now he is able to, and how he can clap his hands for joy, and how sweet is the place where he came to the knowledge of his Redeemer! It was so great. He is so prepared, he doesn't even need us haha.

We had a great week with tons of tours! It is starting to get really busy. Today we took a slightly anti tour. 10 students of a bible college back east. They came for Spring Break. They had lots of questions, and we think they are anti's in-training. They major in the Bible, with focuses (like minors) of how to be a Missionary, Pastor, etc. We would be testifying of something, and they would pick out something small we said to question. Like we testified of who Christ is to us, and they tried to get us by saying, well you never said who you believe Jesus Christ is.So we said, well just like we just said, He is the Son of God, our Savior, and Redeemer. So one asked us, what do you mean by Redeemer, what do you think it means to redeem? So we just testified, invited them, and left. It was a good teaching practice, but that college has had groups all week, they are anti's in training. Sad!

Hey I need to share my P-day miracle from last week!

So we were in Walmart, in the checkout line, and I was a little peeved because the Walmart in the middle of SLC only had one check out line so we had to wait forever. Well, we got up to the cashier, and she was really nice. She asked how long we waited, then apologized and said how she was trying to find another cashier to open a line. Well we just started talking to her, asking her about her day. She looks at out tags and asks, where do you work? So we say, oh actually we are missionaries, we serve over on Temple Square. Have you ever been there? She looked kind of confused and said no. So we asked, have you ever heard much about the church? And she said no. So we said would you like to? And she said yes! I was speechless haha we taught someone a lesson and got a New Investigator in the checkout line at Walmart! We asked for her phone number and she said that she didn't know it and that she couldn't pull her phone out at work. But then she just broke the rule and pulled it out and gave it to us! It was so awesome! I felt bad for being annoyed that I had to wait so long, and that Heavenly Father blessed us with a miracle when we didn't exactly deserve it! That's how life is though, Heavenly Father sure loves us.

We had a chat with a girl named Erika yesterday. She is Pagan, but is interested in the church after Missionaries came by. She is really awesome and we can't wait to start teaching her!

The Japanese boy we are teaching, Seiya, had a miracle! He has been wanting to be baptized, but his parents wouldn't allow it. Well we called him this week and he said his parents allowed it! So he is getting baptized April 26.

Vas, from India, didn't get to go to church last week because the missionaries said they would pick him up, but never came. So he is going to go on his own this Sunday, he is awesome, and has great faith!
Well I think this letter is long enough, there is a lot of other great things that happened, but I don't have the time and you probably don't have the patience to sit here and read it haha thanks for all the support and examples, love you!

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