"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Thursday, March 27, 2014

April Showers

Well I hope April Showers bring May flowers because it's been sunny all week then gloomy today! 

This week flew by. Transfer Conference will be on Monday, that is so weird!
I got to see a bunch of family on Sunday, it was wonderful to see them!

Tim was baptized! And confirmed! He says that he feels relieved now, and comfortable with the Spirit.
The night of his baptism, when he got home, he went to go on Dialysis, and his machine broke! For the rest of the night, he had to dialysize manually....with a pump! So he had to manually pump for 2 hours, then go sleep for one hour, pump for two, sleep for one, the whole night. But he was so determined to go to church the next morning so he could be confirmed, even though he was nervous to be in front of everyone, so he did it! He said that nothing would keep him from going to church that morning. I thought that was way cool! Man the things that Satan will do...

I attached a picture of him in white with his Elders and another of wearing the tie and tie clip I sent him :)

I had a pretty cool experience this week, so we were covering a desk assignment for some sisters. So this man walked in the door and walked past me, and I started talking to him. His name is Adan. He didn't understand much English, and just walked away. But he came back some time later, and lingered. So I tried talking with him more. He is from Las Vegas (originally from Mexico) and had to come to Salt Lake because he was in an accident and needed some sort of treatment here. He was told to come to Temple Square, so he just came to see what it was like. Well come to find out, he's divorced, and his son was hit by a car and died. There is a cool painting by that desk that depicts an eternal family, so I used Spanglish and he used Spanglish and we talked about Eternal Families. He is Catholic, though, and believes that all families are Eternal. I showed him a Book of Mormon and told him that Eternal Life with our families is precious, and it isn't just granted, but we have to earn it in order to obtain it, and we are shown what we need to do in the Book of Mormon to obtain it. I told him i Spanish that I know the church is true. Then I had some Sisters contact him in Spanish, and they talked for a while but he said that he would come back tomorrow and that he didn't want to take the Book. I was so sad because I felt so strongly that he needed the Gospel, right now in his life. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to be able to see him again. The next day, we looked for him on the Square, but didn't see him. We even went to West Gate to see if there were any 1 Spanish tours taken, but there were none. So the next day, we were on the Square, following our plan we had planned, and we were going to our next location when all of a sudden, we ran right into Adan, he came out of nowhere! We started talking to him and he told us that he had been praying the night before, and he had realized that he wants to walk a straight life now, and be a good example to his grandkids (he has a son who is still alive). We asked if he thought that Heavenly Father led him here for that reason, and he said yes. I told him that I had something for him, something that he left last time (BOM), and he said no, I want to go see the statue of Christ, and then I will come get one. I knew that he was just making an excuse so I said, no. You are getting one now, come on. So he did, and we gave him a Living Christ, Family Proc, Joseph Smith pamphlet, and Book of Mormon, all in Spanish. Then we took him to the Christus and played it in Spanish for him. Then, he talked for about 10 minutes, only in Spanish. I couldn't tell you now what he said, but it was cool because I understood most of it in the moment. We were able to testify, and tell him that this Gospel can bless him and that he can see his son again. I told him that I wanted a friend of mine (another sister) to call him in Spanish to teach him more, and he referred! So I need to pray to know which Spanish sister to give his information to. It was way cool to see an answer to prayer, Heavenly Father brought him here for a reason, and answered my prayer so that we could teach him more.

So unfortunately....I think Robert is not real...I have always had that feeling of insincerity in my gut since he called into Guest Services, but I have tried to just give him the benefit of the doubt and trust him, but some things have happened this week that really make me doubt that he is sincere! I am pretty sure he is either Less-active, or a Return Missionary. I am doing some investigating this week, talking with the Bishop, and hopefully local missionaries to find out for sure. I will feel really bad if he is sincere, but I just have this feeling that he isn't. That is really sad, and what a stupid way to waste your time by being a fake investigator!

We have some new investigators that we are looking forward to be teaching if we stay together. This week, our online teaching center system broke, so we have had to use a different one, and it is not as good! They don't filter the chats, so we get a lot of people wasting out time. I've screenshotted some pretty funny ones though! But we have had some miracles. There was this young man who came on, asking about our beliefs regarding homosexuality and i just felt God's love for him. He referred and said we could call him and share more. I think he just wants peace knowing that God loves him and he doesn't want to feel guilty.

Last night, we were assigned to the Assembly Hall (That building is my favorite, all my miracles have happened there!) when this guy walked in and sat down and just started asking us some questions. He told us all about his life, and how it wasn't until recent that he started to believe in God. He got into some pretty deep things wit the law, but luckily was never caught. He was able to get out, and kinda start a new life. He turned his life around. He wanted to know more about the church, because he had moved here to Utah and heard about it. He had questions about the commandments, and we were able to explain why we have them, and why we need them, and what the benefits are. He said that it made sense. It was really cool because we just talked with him, just shared what we know, and testified of personal experiences, and the spirit was so strong, I didn't have to worry what I would say, or how he would receive it. It was awesome. He said that we answered all his questions, and that he felt really good about the church. He said that he had taken a tour the day before and that those sisters were going to teach him now. I am so sad that it can't be me, because I felt so connected and we were instant friends, but hey, as long as he is being taught, that is all that matters. And maybe I could be present for some of his lessons on Temple Square.

Sandy went to church! But she kinda temporarily dropped us, she hasn't been feeling well lately, and she said she feels pressured by the local missionaries, so she said she wants to take a break from "this religion stuff." But she still wants us to send her daily scriptures, so hopefully those will help.

I am not sure if I told you, but Vas, the one from India, actually went to Weber State and lived in Ogden! That was cool to find out. We have some common ground that we can talk about. I am exited to hear about his progress.

Okay, a funny story for the week....remember when I told you about Aaron and how I couldn't tell if it was a male or female? I had asked if it were female and Aaron said yes, so this whole time I have thought it was. Well...after all these lessons where we pray for them in the lesson, using she, and her, nothing was said until this week! After the prayer Aaron goes are you callin me a her? And we were like...what? Aaron repeated. we were like no....maybe you just heard us wrong? We probably should have been honest but I knew that was going to happen! This whole time I was worried that would happen and it did haha. Now it is so weird to talk about her, I mean him. But he went to church. I think he is just lazy, but he knows it's true.

Well we are looking forward to the General Women's Meeting, we get to go, yippee! We are excited.

I think that is about it, we are gearing up for next transfer. I can't believe how fast the time has flown. It's nuts. Well I love you all, and hope you have a great week. Mormon 9:21

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