"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Friday, November 1, 2013

Shook an Apostle's Hand This Week... Who Was It?!

So form a guess in your mind. Winner gets......to buy themselves something! Or a free Book of Mormon...haha. The Apostle was.....

Elder Oaks! And his wife Kristin.

They came Monday morning just to the Temple Square mission home (in the South Visitor Center) and talked to us sisters. I have never been so close to an apostle before it was nuts. And he has really soft hands. It was so good! He talked about how a mission call is very inspired and special. And he was so not-serious! Usually at conference he is very serious but he was cracking jokes left and right, him and Kristin were having a great time together (they spoke to us together). It was humbling to have an Apostle of the Lord talk to us, and for once, I didn't fall asleep in a meeting! Miracle.

So this week....

I will start off by telling you what literally just happened. So we work like a usual day until one, when it becomes p-day. Today we were on the Square from 10-12 then in the Teaching Center (where we teach online and over the phone) from 12-1. It got to be 12:45 and we were going to our last location in the South Visitor Center. I saw a man sitting by himself kind of hiding behind a tree, and I felt impressed to go talk to him. So I told my companion and we went and talked to him, got to know him. His name is Rob. He was a young member who was waiting for his wife to come meet him. He explained where he is from, where he served his mission, and that he had had to come home early on a medical release. We talked a little more, and there was not much more reason of us being there, but I felt like I should ask him if there were any questions we could answer for him. And he said, well I'm not sure if you guys could help with this but.....and UNLOADED this story about how he had been previously married (he's only like 24 or less!) in the temple and divorced, but was waiting on a temple divorce so his wife and he had not been sealed. Also that he desperately wants his wife to come to church, but that she won't come. She has anxiety about getting ready for church or something like that. He then told us all about how his now second marriage is failing, and how she wants to leave him and kick him out. I guess he had done something to lose her trust 6 months ago but has since tried hard to regain the trust. She is unwilling to forgive. He sees the bishop for counsel every week, and she refuses. She won't go to a therapist, and blah blah...My companion and I were like what the...WHAT do we do haha. So we bore our testimonies about God's love for him, and the Atonement, how powerful it is and how all things are possible. Then he said he wanted us to talk with his wife. We were like uh yeah (but we can't counsel as missionaries!) So we left to grab something (and pray!) and came back and she was there, really mad. She was very rude, and upset that he had set up an "intervention." We tried bringing the Spirit, asking her questions to rediscover her testimony, and took them to the Christus. We had them read the Living Christ before we played the narration, and I bore my heart and soul about the Atonement and how nothing is impossible and about God's love and understanding for her. She cried a little, and I finally thought we were making progress but she then proceeded to tell us how unhappy she was, and how her marriage sucked, therefore her life sucked (keep in mind her husband is sitting right...next...to...her). And how she so badly wanted a divorce because she knew it would make her happy, but that she was raised to believe divorce isn't an option. We tried to explain that Christ can help people get through anything, but at that point, she was not receptive. She has no desire to change and forgive, so there was nothing we could do. I just said look, we as missionaries can't counsel you. But we bore our testimonies, said this was the last of the tour, and left them in the theatre to watch a Mormon Message on marriage and divorce so that we wouldn't have to see how it ended...it was so crazy. I tried very hard to listen to the spirit, and prayed a lot so I am comfortable in the fact that we did all we could do...I am not sure what else we could have done but he put us in an awful spot! So awkward.

On a better note, we had a sweet miracle this week!

So Tuesday I think it was, we were having a rough day. Every single person we called either didn't answer, were too busy, didn't want to talk with us, argued with us, or was anti. Every person! We didn't have any good tours either where people wanted to know more. We were like what the heck this sucks..So we decided we were going to go to Kneader's to cheer us up haha. So on the way to the food court, we met two security guards. One is a member, and the other (Domincko from some country that speaks Swahili) is not a member. He is a new employee, and the other guard was training him, and explaining a little about the church as he went. So we talked with them for a bit, then off we went. We got to kneaders, and I remembered how expensive it is, and felt guilty but just said oh well, we're already here, and really wanted kneaders. So I ordered and then said oh, how much is your pupkin loaf? And the guy behind the cashier said, oh it's free! I was like what? How? And they said, you're sisters! We need blessings. I was shocked and so happy! I thanked them and handed them my card for the rest of the order and he wouldn't take it. He said you don't need that, we got it. I was like what? The whole meal? No! I can't do that. Then they both said no, that they needed the blessings, and that they were paying for our meals. So they paid for our meals! It made my entire day. They didn't know that we had had a bad day, but they had served us, and went out of their way to make our day. It was so great! And the miraculous part of this miracle was that the whole time we were there, there was always someone in line, except for when we were in line, so I know that if we would have gotten there at any other time, that I'm not sure they would have been allowed to do that with other customers around. I was so grateful for that tender mercy of the Lord. And it gets better! On our way back to the square, we bumped into the security guards again. It was at the entrance, so you could see the temple, and they had just been discussing it. We asked Dominicko some questions, and explained how we want everyone to enter the temple, and how wonderful it is. I felt prompted to ask if he would like a BOM. He said yes, that books were his favorite gift. So we went and grabbed him one and wrote our testimonies in it and gave it to him. He is so humble and gentle, and open-hearted! He also gave us his contact information so we could keep teaching him. I was so so so thankful to the Lord that day. Even though we didn't have success, no one wanted to talk to us, but just in that one hour for dinner, everything changed. The Lord went out of His way to show His love for us. I felt so special, and humbled!

It seems like the whole continent of China came to the square this week....there have been so many Mandarin tours, those poor Mandarin sisters! There was a conference last weekend for Nuskin (cosmetics), and the headquarters are here in Salt Lake. The Owner and his Assistant i think are both LDS and are serving as Mission Presidents. So all the Nuskin people who were here for the convention all wanted to come to temple square to see what it is all about. We took so many of them on tours it was way cool. Talk about being an example missionary! Thousands came to the square because of those men.

So First transfer missionaries had a Living Christ meeting, where we talked about the Living Christ document, and shared our testimonies. They had us quickly write our testimonies on the back so we could mail it home to our families, so I will do that this week a long with my SD card. But there are too many pictures on there to try to explain them all sorry!

Oh, I watched Mountain of the Lord this week, that is a good movie. I have always appreciated the pioneers and their sacrifice for the Temple, but this really solidified that! I am so thankful for their dedication. For chipping away at granite for 40 years, to give their posterity something beautiful. I feel so grateful. They were so willing to obey the Lord, they volunteered their time, talents, and efforts every single day. And I get to look at what they have given us every day! They really gave us so much!

Anyway, what else can I share...Oh yeah! I passed of on giving tours this week! I had to take my zone leaders on a tour (like a role play but real tour) that both had all the historical facts, and spiritual converting tour too. They said it was awesome! So now my compy and I get passes to the Lion House to eat for free :)

This week I cooked chorizo for the first time. I was so scared! But it was really good! I sauteed red potatoes with spices and celery and carrots together with the chorizo and it was good. My companion even loved it! She's from Mexico and said that it was really good and that it reminded her of home. Proudest moment of my life. haha jk

Well I guess I don't have as many stories as I did last week. It was a little slower here on the square this week.

Oh yeah Halloween! So we ended our day yesterday at 5 and all the Sisters and couples came down to the Mission Home where we were lovingly served a baked potato bar, and various types of delicious cookies. I felt like a queen, they stuffed us! Then as a mission we watched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. It was weird to watch a worldy movie, and the sisters are crazy haha they giggled and screamed the whole time, which if you know me, you know that's not how I am! haha but it was funny. I couldn't help but relate it to being a missionary the entire time. It basically represents the atonement and I compared Edmund to Judas haha and they kill the Lion and he comes back to life...I couldn't help but think of the crucifixion and resurrection haha so funny! Oh and we got to wear p-day clothes for the first time! So comfy! 

But the time has seemed to start going by faster. It's crazy, but I still haven't been out for very long.
Oh! Something we do everyday: Count our miracles. I invite you all to do that this week! Count your miracles, it really opens your eyes! Heavenly Father really loves His children.

Well I'm not sure what else to share. I hope this wasn't too boring! It was a great week though.

Anyway, I love the mission, not my mission, but the mission. Because it's not my time here, it's the Lord's. I have really come to see that here. It's his mission, and I cannot do anything without Him.

The Church is true, and change is possible!

Love you,

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