"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Friday, November 22, 2013

What are you thankful for?

Well next Thursday is Thanksgiving, can you believe it?

This week, actually this whole transfer has flown by. Wednesday starts a new transfer. It probably won't impact me too much, since I will still be with my trainer for another transfer. Unless she becomes a Zone Leader, I probably won't even move apartments. Wahoo!

Hey the performance from last Tuesday is going to be put on DVD's and distributed to all the sisters! I didn't think they would do that. I'm so happy thought because you get to see all the crazy good talent.

So this week I would have to say the craziest story would probably be this:

We were talking to an RM who served in Vanuatu when this man in a red sweatshirt walked by. Something really grabbed my attention, I don't know how to explain it, but now I recognize that was the Spirit getting my attention. We continued talking, but then we had to go to our next assignment. So we said bye and started walking to our teaching center. On our way, I saw that man in the red sweatshirt going down the escalator. I had a feeling, someone needs to go talk to him. But we were going to the Teaching Center, we had appointments with people to call and I figured there are over 100 of us on the square, someone will talk to him. We were outside the TC but I couldn't stop thinking about it, someone needs to talk to him. I couldn't put it aside anymore so I spoke up and said to my companion: "I wonder if anyone has talked to that guy down there, I think someone needs to." She asked if I wanted to go talk to him and I said yes. Well we go down there and find him at an Inner Peace kiosk. We start talking and he explains that he served a mission in New Mexico and had been back for 4 years, but that he had been in and out of the church ever since. He told us how he came here because he needs peace. He knows the church is true, the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but he does not have a testimony of modern-day prophets. We asked him questions and testified, and he started crying. Then he explained his situation in life. He is in a very....very very dark place in life...We talked and testified some more, and he cried a lot. He said that he really felt like he needed to come here, and he was hoping someone would come talk to him. My companion told him how we were supposed to be at an assignment but that we had a prompting to come talk to him, and how important he is. We explained about the Atonement, how it is infinite, and how nothing is impossible through Christ. I told him to think of the temple often, because that is where he will be safe from Satan.I know he felt peace when he was here. We called him last night to see how he was doing, and unfortunately, he was on his way "out." And did not want to talk to us. I have to just trust in the Lord that his experience will come back to him, and help him through this hard time in his life. I know the words that we said were not our words, they were the Spirit, so I need to trust that he will be strong enough. Hopefully our continued calls will be able to help him. But regardless, everyone has their agency and can choose what they do with their lives, as hard as that is sometimes. But I felt so thankful for the Spirit. I am grateful that Heavenly Father trusted me with a prompting to talk to one of His children that really needed someone to talk to.

Anyway, a funny story for the week.....

So we had a Spanish investigator lesson a few nights ago. This is when elders from the surrounding missions bring investigators here for a tour. The Elders had told us that the lady had been dropped before, so we needed to make it really extra spiritual and that it had to be really good. So we start with God's Plan. Well it's set up where you move to different rooms. We get through two rooms and I turn into the third room, and there is a homeless man sleeping on the seats!! I gasped, and we all were like what do we do! He is just laying there sprawled out, snoring! God's Plan is playing not quietly, and he is still sleeping. So the Elders start trying to wake him up, and we all sit down to watch God's Plan. Finally the man wakes up and sits up and starts watching God's Plan like he was a part of the group and nothing happened...we were like what the heck. I said we should call security so we called while the Elders were talking to the man. We finished talking to Security and the man goes, so I guess I should leave? The Elders were like yeah......you should. Well we continue on in God's Plan and security comes busting in, about 7 of them with flashlights (it's dark in there) and they're all sweaty, they must have ran there. I explained how he left, and what he was wearing and looked like and they left. Well at this point the spirit is all ruined, and we finish God's Plan. We then go to the Christus, and guess who's sitting there, yep! The man! I called security again, and they came to check it out. I talked to the security guy and he said that they spoke with him, and that he said he was just tired and wanted to sleep, but that he knew he had to be out in a little bit because we would be closing. I couldn't help but think of what would have happened if no one found him, he would have been there all night! But I think it's part of the night shift security to check it so maybe he wouldn't have been there all night. But still...I am thankful for security!

Yesterday the lady who wrote President Monson's biography came and spoke to us (I can't remember her name). [Heidi S. Swinton] She was so great! She told us a bunch of stories about President Monson that were so cool that I had never heard before. He is such a great servant of the Lord.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! What are you thankful for??

I hope everyone has a great week, and a great Thanksgiving. I sure am thankful for all of my blessings, especially my family. Heavenly Father sure loves His children.

Since Transfers are on Wednesday, I am not quite sure if my P-day will switch (it depends on your zone, I'm hoping to get moved to the Beehive house, cross your fingers!) so I am not sure when you will hear from me. But it won't make too much difference.

Happy Thanksgiving, I love you all and am thankful for all of you.


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