"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Here is a picture of Downtown Salt Lake taken from the freeway!
The Sun is shining on the Temple :)

Happy May!

It's been another fast week. I can't believe it is almost time for transfers. It's the craziest week for Fleet....We have to fill up all the cars the night before and get all the spreadsheets ready that have all the information of all the flights coming and going and what cars need to be taken when. We have to organize sisters who can drive to pick up those who are returning from outbound (35 this transfer!), organize sisters to drive departing home sisters to the airport and make sure they are ready to get on a plane, organize sisters that are going outbound, weigh all their luggage, find sisters to drive them, see each one of them off on time, and take care of the stuff they are leaving. So when we go outbound, we are able to leave 1 suitcase & 1 box, or 2 suitcases, or 2 boxes. We have to collect those and stack them in a corner of a room in the garage. And we have to unstack the sisters things that are coming back from outbound. So the 35 sisters that are coming back, we need to take their things out and replace them with the sisters who are going outbound...we will have big muscles. Haha. Also, we need to organize walmart-runs for those returning from outbound, and new sisters, and find sisters to take them there. So this all happens on one day, a crazy transfer day, and to top it all off, we only have 9 cars to be able to do all this and very few drives since it is an international mission. It will be a task. Haha. Excuse my sentence structures, I wasn't quite sure how to explain that! 

Well, it has been a pretty great week!

Last night, we were able to cover a tour at Welfare Square. That was way fun! There are usually no tours after 3 PM, but on Wednesdays, they allow one group to do a tour at 6PM if they are doing service (Bishop's Storehouse) after. Since me companion had served at Welfare Square, we were able to take that tour. It was a group of 8 deacon boy scouts it was so fun! They were very well behaved. There was a cute boy with pretty high-functioning autism in the group who was hilarious. Each time we would ask a question, he would excitedly answer first so no one else got to haha. We got to show them the welfare film, then take them through the Bishop's Storehouse, and over to the cannery. Right when we were leaving the cannery, I was leading them and got to an automatic door. I swiped my bible in front of it to catch the sensor, and the fire alarm starts going off! We were like what the heck! I thought I did something wrong. Security comes and they're like, oh don't worry about it, we've been having problems with our alarms it is nothing you did. What a relief haha it was perfect timing though, right in the middle of the tour when we were leaving the building! After that we got to go past the D.I. and into the dairy, the best part! We explained about the powdery and showed how they make the cheese and the milk and sour cream, etc., how fast offerings are so important because they are used for all of it! I think they really liked being able to see visually where they fast offerings go, and what those fast-offerings that they pick up from homes every Fast-Sunday are really for. Then, the best part, they got to taste the cheese and chocolate milk. Man, those poor people that receive cheese and chocolate milk are so lucky! It is so good. I always love going to Welfare Square because of it. I wish we could buy it but it's not for sale. Oh well, people need it, and I just want it! I love going to Welfare Square because of the quality of things that the church produces. They don't just give the basics for people to survive, but they have things available that people don't need, but want, like ice cream or cereal, etc., that help people enjoy the things they eat, and they also keep everything so clean. I love seeing the equipment they produce things on because you can tell that they keep it clean like they would the Temple. Each batch is just as fresh and pure as any other, and no one gets a bad batch. I guess I don't quite know how to explain it, it just reminds me of what the Savior would do. And most of those people are volunteers they don't get paid!

Here is a funny story I just have to share...So there is a Sister in my district, Sister Peñalba from Panama. She is from my class. She is one my favorites, she is so funny! She speaks Spanish, and learned English in the MTC. Well they were on a tour yesterday, a young guy that is a non-member. They got to the end of the tour at the Christus and as Sister Peñalba was shaking his had, she goes, "Wow, you're hot!" She meant temperature hot, his hands were hot. Haha imagine how awkward that must have been!

Well we had a miracle happen this week. We were on exchanges Monday, and my exchange companion, Sister Cheng and I found this girl on chat, Megan. She dated a member guy who just left for his mission. She hasn't heard from him, but ever since then, she has felt something. She has the Gospel Library app on her phone for some reason, and she was lying awake one night and decided to listen to the Audio from the Book of Mormon. She started from the beginning and when she heard Joseph Smith's testimony, it made her cry. Well, she referred, and we called her today. She told us all about how she would go to a Christian church when she was younger, and all her friends would be crying from the Pastor, and she felt good, but never really had that reaction of feeling the Spirit. She has recognized the Spirit a few times since she has been questioning about the church. She talked about wanting to fee like she should convert, and some other things, and we just knew that we needed to invite her to be baptized. We invited her to be baptized on May 17th and she said yes! She even took off work this Sunday so she can go to church. She is so awesome and so so so prepared. We are way excited to teach her. But we basically don't even need to teach her she is so prepared!

Tim is doing great. He bore his testimony to us and it was so sweet! He is going to get his patriarchal blessing. Not much else to say, he is just progressing right along! We invited him to share his testimony with a friend/family member this week and he accepted.

We found a Less Active on chat this week, he is awesome. his name is Nick. He said that he was raised a member, but when his family moved when he was 13, there was no church nearby so they became inactive. He came to Utah for the University of Utah and now wants to go back to church so he can serve a mission. We are going to be able to teach him on the square since he lives so close! I have been aching to be able to teach an investigator in person (that's why I am excited for outbound). 

It's going to be great!

So Sister Hodgkin, one of the sisters who finished the mission last transfer transferred me a less-active. It was like "her person," her near and dear person. He's 35 and was baptized at 8 but never really went to church. He has a lot of issues going on, like social issues (OCD, etc.) and some other problems. I was scared to call him because I didn't want to ruin it, but I finally got a hold of him and it was great ! He is way cool. He went to church for a few weeks, but stopped because in Gospel Principles the room is so small, and the teacher makes them divide into groups and answer questions together. He loves Sacrament though. He said that he knows he needs to go back but that it is really hard. I suggested that even though he is new returning, he try Gospel Doctrine. He was really happy! He didn't know he could go to that. He technically should go to Gospel Principles, but if it's the difference of him going to church or not, then I don't really care, as long as he is there. He was so happy and he was like, I am so glad you called! I am really going to try now. Haha I am glad Sister Hodgkin trusted me with him, I think we connected pretty well.

We found another new investigator, Edward, on chat. He has a neighbor who is 14 who is a member, and told him about the church and how he wants to serve a mission. Edward has been researching churches, so he decided to come check it out. We were able to share more with him, and now he is a new investigator. We are excited to share more with him!

"Meet the Mormons," the new movie I told you about is featured in the back of the May Ensign! You can go read about it.

Well, I think I need to stop typing so you can stop reading. We will keep you updated on everyone, we are excited for Megan.

Pray for miracles!

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