"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Transfer week!

Tuesday night, the night before transfers, we had to go unload all the luggage/boxes like I told you about. They were full of books and heavy things, There were so many! We are really tired and sore but have big muscles so it's okay.

It was great talking to my family on Mother's Day!

Well we made it through Transfer Day. Haha.

I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Gearheart, she is from Renton, Washington. She is so great!

I will tell you how Transfer Day went:

We had to be down in the garage at 4:30 AM.

We helped the departing sisters and those going outbound weigh their luggage and load their stuff in the cars and saw them off. One Sister departing home got taken to the airport, but we got a call from her at 5:30 saying her flight was cancelled and wouldn't be until today so we had to go and pick her up. Some flights got cancelled and sisters were stranded in the airport in FL overnight. Other sisters filghts' got delayed and we had to find sisters that could come with us to pick them up from the airport and find a car to do so, and other sisters took longer coming home, and other sisters took cars without asking so schedules got messed up and things were really crazy for a while, but it all got figured out! Thank goodness. Everyone that needed to be picked up from the airport was picked up, and everyone that needed a car to move their things from apartment building to apartment building, we were able to find them a car. I seriously don't know how it all worked out! 34 Sisters returning, 4 going outbound, 4 departing, and about 15 Sisters moving all they own into different apartments, all with 8 cars. It was a stressful miracle. But we are so exhausted! We are happy that we have an all-day p-day today.

This morning Sherri Dew came to speak to us! It was really good. She came to speak to us on the topic of Women and the Priesthood. A lot of people have been speaking to us about that so I was a little disappointed at first, but then pleasantly surprised. She covered all corners and every question the sisters had, and the things I was wondering about, she answered them without me asking her any questions. On Temple Square we have access cards that we can scan to enter buildings or doors that are locked. She gave a great analogy about those. She said that when Temple Square first got those cards, she just tucked it into her binder and never used it or tried to explore it because every time she would enter into the COB or another building on Temple Square, people would say, Hi Sherri, how are you? And let her in. She never needed it because people recognized her from the General Relief Society Presidency. Well, the day after she got released from that calling, she had to go to the Conference Center Theater early in the morning to speak to some people. She was trying to go through the tunnels, but because it was early, she got to some doors that usually opened for her, but were locked. She found a button on the wall and pressed it, and the voice of one of the security officers said, Hi Sherri, what can I help you with? She said that she needed to get to the Conference Center to speak. He said, do you have your badge? (She thought in her head, you know me, why do I need my badge?) She looked through her binder and found the card she had never used and said, yes, and held it up to the camera. He said, hold it up to the wall by the button you pressed. She did, and to her surprise, the doors opened! She said wow, did my badge do that? What else can it open? And Security said, well Sherri, you are on the General Board, it can open a lot of things. She said, wow, I am going to have to explore this and see what it opens! He goes, Sherri, weren't you released yesterday? She says, well yes. He says, well you better do all the exploring you can because that will be deactivated tonight at midnight. Haha anyways, her point of that story was to help us see that she had a lot of power, but she just tucked it away into her binder, never to use it or try it out. She asked us, "What are we walking around with that gives us a whole lot of power, and are we using it?" What are all of you that are reading this walking around with that gives you power, and are you using it? She did a great job addressing the Women and the Priesthood issue, and broke down Priesthood Keys, Priesthood Authority, and Priesthood Power. It was great!

So unfortunately, we haven't really been able to teach much because of Transfer week, but now that that is over, we will have a lot of time. We have a huge amount of time on the Square this transfer, because there are over 200 Sisters here on Temple Square. It's going to be like General Conference, every day haha. But I know we are going to see a lot of miracles. We are excited for that. But do you remember Aaron? The one who dropped us about a month ago? Just as I suspected he would, he has been leaving voicemails, asking us why we haven't been calling. I am not quite sure how to handle it, but I think I will give him some more time to work with the local missionaries before we respond.

Megan is doing great, she is progressing right along. She told us about some fires that are taking place in California, I guess she is near them and people have had to be evacuated, so I hope that she and her family will not be affected. We taught her the Restoration and she already believes it! We asked if she wants to meet with local missionaries to prepare to be baptized and she really wants to. We asked for her address and have been waiting for her to send it to us. Last night when we texted here her daily scripture, she responded with a long message that got broken up, and so the only part that I saw was a part saying that she wasn't comfortable and other things, and I thought she was dropping us! I was so scared. But after I read the whole thing, it said that her mom didn't feel comfortable with her giving out her address, but that she is going to sit down with the bishop so that she can meet up with the local missionaries and some other things. We were so relieved. She is so great!

Tim has been having a really hard time with his health lately. He's been in the ER and back and forth at the doctor, but he was finally able to go to church! He was so excited since he hadn't been able to go for 2 weeks. He said that he felt so relieved to finally be there. We shared with him about Service and he is excited to do service now.

Well I think that is about it, we are going to find so many new investigators and progressing investigators this week! Just wait till next week :)

Have a wonderful day, I love you!

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