"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Blind Date

No way has it really bee a week since I sat here. Haha it's so weird how fast time flies. The transfer is already halfway over an I can't even believe it!

This week has been a really busy week for Sister Asay and I. On Thursday, we had to give a training to the whole mission about what to do on the square during Christmas time. So naturally, Sister Asay and I looked in our closets and found matching outfits and put on Santa hats. Then, we decided to do an elf yourself video to have a fun intro for the training and hopefully to get people excited for Christmas. So we made one of people who are in the Office. It was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! I am like dad and cry when I laugh, so when we watched it for the first time, I literally had tears streaming down my face. Something about seeing your Mission President dancing is just so funny! Here is the link so you can see it:


Everyone loved it! President Poulsen even requested his own copy of it haha.

But the training went really well. There was a lot we had to talk about and thankfully, we only forgot one or two things. President Poulsen is so sweet. After we finished, he got up and came to the front and said, "can you imagine being in these sisters' position? Imagine all that they do. They work so hard. Thank you so much sisters." and then sat down. Gosh it was so nice! That's my favorite part of this calling is working closely with the mission president. It's really neat. He has some really cool things planned for us to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am excited to tell you when it gets closer!

Like I said, this is a super busy time for Sister Asay and I. It's always busy in this calling, but not usually this crazy but because of Christmas, we have double duty schedules. Amongst the trainings, we have to create a new schedule for each companionship because everything changes after the lights come on. Preparation day changes from 1-9 to 10-6, we stay on the square until 10 PM, and we add about 8 new Christmas things to the schedule. So we put in about 15 things to 80+ schedules, all the while working around current assignments, preparation days and companionship studies. Over the weekend, we had gotten a lot done. We had spent days filling in almost all the Christmas assignments. We were probably about halfway through. Then we realized that we should have started a different way, and that it was becoming a big headache because we probably wouldn't be able to fix it so we had to start over from scratch. Haha. But actually it made it a lot easier. It's been more smooth to figure it out and to make it more workable in people's schedules. Honestly, it's been a learning experience for me in many ways. I am so grateful I can serve the sisters and it's stretching me in different ways. It makes me super excited for teaching, that whenever I get to get out of the office, I feel like a 5 year old, I want to run around haha. But we have seen so many miracles! We always make time everyday to go and teach and whenever we do, we always see awesome miracles.

For example, Paul is doing so well!! He went to church on Sunday, and the missionaries are coming over tomorrow. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and even left it on top of his laptop, hoping his wife would pick it up and read it. He is trying to convert her haha. I won't type up his texts again but I can't even explain to you how prepared he is. He talks about his faith and his testimony of the restoration and the Book of Mormon and he sounds more converted then some members! We have been ITCHING to invite him to be baptized and we finally got to call him today. He was in a rush so we answered questions he had and shared about the Holy Spirit. It was really good! He said he had to go, so we just blurted out a baptismal invitation because the spirit was there and we couldn't wait any longer. He said, "I don't have any objections." So he is working towards getting baptized on November 29th!! He even said the closing prayer, and prays like a champ! We are so excited for him.

Here is the embarrassing moment of the week to make you just laugh about as hard as I did with the elf yourself video...So the secretary came to us to schedule a tour request she got. It was from a blind guy that wanted to take a blind girl on a tour as a date (literally a blind date hahah). We thought, oh that would be fun, so we decided that we would be the ones to take them around (also because we wanted an excuse for more teaching time). They walk in the North Visitor's Center and we immediately know it's them because they have their blind sticks and all. In that entrance, they have to come down some stairs. The guy starts coming down them and the girl runs into the railing straight on. We were like oh ummm go to your right a little....then the guy gets to us and says hi I'm Jim, and sticks out his hand. So I shake it and say nice to meet you. Then, the girl says, I'm Jessica. So I STICK OUT MY HAND and say nice to meet you. After about 5 seconds I realized that she CAN'T SEE my hand hahaha Oh man I was like 'oh shoot' under my breath. While everyone in the NVC saw that I actually did that haha. Oh gosh. Then we start the tour and take them to the Christus because we wanted them to feel the prints of the nails in His feet. Turns out he is atheist and she wasn't really interested. So the whole Christ thing wasn't very applicable no matter how hard we tried...so we start going to the Tabernacle so they can hear the acoustics and there was a sign in the middle of the walkway we were too late in warning them about, but they were fine and we kept walking and guiding them, all the while I try to make conversation by asking them how long they've been blind... Then we realized the door we were trying to go to wasn't working so we had to walk all the way around the entire tabernacle to where we started....It was a little rough because they kept accidentally tripping us with their sticks and we weren't very good voice guides so they kept going off the sidewalk, but finally we got to the Temple Grounds for our last location and started talking about the Temple and it's significance. Jim's said that he didn't want to learn about religious stuff, but that they had come for the history. He also said some more things about God that were really sad but we just testified and I felt impressed to tell him that a time in his life will come when he won't know where to turn or what to do, and that he will remember our invitation to him to pray and that when that time comes, he should pray. That was the rest of the tour. I hope he will pray and give it a chance!

Hopefully that gave you a nice laugh. It seemed like something Michael Scott from the office would do gosh...haha.

We also go tot meet up with Saige. She is doing a lot better thankfully! She has broken through her clouds of doubt and is enjoying the sunshine that is God's love.

Well sorry this is so long! But thanks for the prayers and support. I am so excited for Christmas and can't wait to tell you about all the cool experiences!!


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