"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th!

Zone activity!

Happy late Independence Day! Hope you had a great one, I sure did! We got fed by members and contacted the whole night, it was great!

So we had a Zone Activity today, we played Ultimate Frisbee and Softball and it was way fun but it took our whole P-day :( So I have absolutely no time so please forgive my wimpy letter, but hopefully attaching pictures will help.

It's been a great week! We were able to teach Kevin, and really figure out what's holding him back from being baptized. It turns out that he really wants to be baptized, but his family is a huge priority for him, and his family doesn't support him wanting to be baptized. He is from China, and all his family still lives there. He has been telling them about meeting with the missionaries, but his grandma is really unsupportive because she had a bad experience with another Christian church, s she thinks that all Christian churches are the same and that our church is like that one. We taught him about Fasting and how he could fast for his family on Fast Sunday and he was excited. He came to church with us on Fast Sunday and he was fasting! He said he felt great. We're excited t teach him again this week.

We also taught Cheyenne this week. We gave her a chapel tour and taught part of the Restoration. We learned that she needs to be taught very simply but she is very interested. Actually right before we contacted her, she had been praying that something would come into her life from Heavenly Father to help her feel closer to Him, and that's when we walked up! That's why she started crying because she knew it was an answer to her prayers. She really wants to come to church, but her boss makes her work on Sundays, so she is trying to find a solution. We have been praying for her, and will be meeting with her again tomorrow.

We contacted this guy Jerone on campus last week, and he is one of our new investigators. He is Atheist and has never known any religion. We were able to share some things with him and pray with him and he is sincerely interested. He is scared of coming to church though so we will have to work on that! But we know that once he feels God's love for him, he will begin to change! We are excited for that.

Well I am sorry this letter is so lame! It's been a wonderful week and I wish I had more time to tell you about it! Let me just say that I feel your prayers and that they are working miracles. We are so blessed to have the Gospel and the knowledge it gives us. Every morning is a decision of destiny that is in our hands. I love being a part of Heavenly Father's work.
Love you all!
Happy birthday to Adam and Nate this week, love ya!

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