"Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall
proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word."
- Doctrine & Covenants 112:19

Monday, July 14, 2014

OSU Adventures Continue!

The Adventures have been nonstop, haha it's been another great week.Because of weird boundaries, we are in 2 zones, so we had another zone activity today! For this one, we had a talent show. We decided to do a pie-eating contest for our talent haha it was so fun! Except for the fact that we got pumpkin pie everywhere, including up our noses. Haha. And I smell like whipped cream. I wish I could attach the video! But once again, I don't have much time to email because of the activity. Next week we will have full time!

Shoutout to the Somerville's for coming to see me in Ohio! :) That was way cool.

So to update you on our investigators' progress:

We taught Kevin again this week. We taught him about Obedience and the Word of Wisdom. At first he was a little flabbergasted that we don't drink tea or coffee, especially considering the Asian culture, they drink a lot of tea. But we were able to explain why we have the Word of Wisdom and what God promises to bless us with by keeping it. We also told him he can drink herbal tea and told him we would bring him some. He was pretty open about it and said that he would try to keep the Word of Wisdom. He is doing great, he is so open and willing to do anything for his newfound relationship with Jesus Christ. It's amazing to me that a month ago he had no belief in Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ but now, just 4 weeks later, he knows that they exist and that they love him.

I am not sure if I told you about Mohsen, but he dropped us. He said that he had spiritual confirmations from God that were telling him not to learn more about this church and that the Book of Mormon was enticing him to do evil things, so I'm not really sure what that is all about haha. I guess he just wasn't ready!

Here's a story to make ya laugh:
We were out street contacting and it was the end of the day on Tuesday, right after p-day where we had zone activity so we were exhausted. We stopped to get some water and it made us feel a lot better. So we're talking to this girl named Molly. She gives us her information and we start to make an appointment and she goes, wow you guys are really energetic. So I go, yeah, well we just drank water. Haha okay don't know why I said that. Haha needless to say, it's a miracle we are teaching her. Also, I ruined another contact a couple days later with a case of the hiccups. I would have thought my companions would save it, but no they just laughed at me.

We had lunch with Cheyenne. She hasn't read form the Book of Mormon and wasn't able to come to anything this week. Hopefully this week will be better!

I'm so excited to tell you about Jeremy!! So we found him on the street a little over a week ago. We contacted him outside the institute. We were asking about his beliefs, and he responded honestly. He wasn't intending to offend us, but he said some pretty offensive things about God that hurt! He wasn't raised with any religion, he is agnostic, so the whole bad things happening to good people thing makes him think that God is a mean person if he does exist. He was I guess you could say bold, so we were a little surprised when he gave us his information so he could learn more. We still didn't really think anything of it though because a lot of people who give us their information never respond when we try to get a hold of them. Well we texted him later and he ended up saying yeah I'll meet with you, how about tomorrow? We were like okay! So we met with him and he is just so sincere! We taught a lot about God is our Loving Heavenly Father and more about the nature of God. He was really receptive and asked questions like why would God allow a toddler to die of leukemia, etc. He even committed to pray. Later that day he texted and said, okay the people around the toddler that dies of leukemia get taught a lesson (by missionaries), I get that. But what about the toddler, are they just a pawn? He was thinking about what we taught him!! S we encouraged him to pray about it and we would talk about it in our next lesson. So we taught him again on Friday. This lesson went even better! He hadn't prayed however. He said he didn't forget but that he chose not to. Well we taught him about the Plan of Salvation, but simplified. He really liked it! He is so sincere. At one point of the lesson, we asked what he thought about the Plan of Salvation and he said "it's what I always hoped was true." We were basically speechless! That was a journal moment haha. He said that he really would pray this week, that he wanted to this time. We invited him to church but he ended up not feeling very good that day but he texted us a couple times and apologized and said he would come next week. Holy cow, this rough guy I never thought would want to listen to what we have to say is like way prepared and willing to act on the faith he didn't know he had! We are way excited to teach him again tomorrow. It just goes to show that you never know who is prepared! You never know. That's why we have to open our mouths to everyone!!

We found some way awesome people yesterday when we were contacting, we will be teaching them this week so we will keep you updated next p-day.

I wish I could share more but time is up!! Thanks for all the support.A quote for this week: "You can't kill time without injuring eternity." God blesses how we use our time :)

Love ya!

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